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Concrete Sidewalk Installation & Repair

We're guessing you don't give your concrete sidewalk much thought.

You most likely use your ground when jogging or walking the dog. Your children enjoy riding bikes and scooters and racing there. It's always there when you need it, which is about all you can ask of a sidewalk these days. That is unless it is harmed. Lauderdale Concrete is here to help.


Our contractors can construct a new concrete sidewalk for your home or company. When it comes to expanding the sidewalk in front of your home or creating additional walking paths for prospective clients, the possibilities are also limitless.


Is your walkway not in good form? More than just unsightly, cracks, chips, and an uneven level line of surfaces can be deadly.

Every day, neighbors or customers stroll down your sidewalk, and a poor sidewalk could be a trip hazard. Lauderdale Concrete can swiftly and economically rebuild your sidewalk.

Concrete Sidewalk Contractor

If the concrete sidewalk in your home or company requires repair, replacement, or installation, we can help. Give our concrete contractor a call or fill out our online inquiry form to request a free estimate. (954) 833-0366.

new concrete sidewalk installed in fort lauderdale fl
A freshly poured concrete curb in a construction area, with orange construction markers in the background. The curb curves gently and is surrounded by rough, gravelly ground. Scaffolding is also visible in the upper part of the image, thanks to the reliable concrete contractors known for their exceptional work in Broward County.

Concrete Curbing

Curbing is a continuous piece of concrete applied (poured) directly to the ground. The attractiveness of the patterns, a neat look, the many colors and design options, a continuous root barrier, and more are all advantages of concrete curb products.

Installing a Concrete Curb and Making Concrete Gutters

Curbs and gutters are usually made as a unit. They require lots of wooden boards and some precise skills.

For efficient and cost-effective construction of concrete curbs and gutters, the procedures are practically identical to those for concrete streets and roads. They comprise subgrade preparation for consistent support, accurate alignment of forms or slipform equipment, proper formwork, durable concrete placement, and consolidation, crack control, finishing and texturing, curing, and protecting until ready for traffic loads.

To prevent concrete from clinging to form boards, our experts coat the wooden boards with cooking oil. Before we pour the concrete mix into the form boards, we install a board on top of the gutter at the height of the back curb form to complete the curb form.


We offer great color flexibility as a one-stop solution to your searches for 'decorative concrete curbing in Fort Lauderdale.'

Every color or shade can be artfully integrated into our edges and borders, allowing you to make your garden a perfect representation of your ideas.

We utilize concrete mix that will last a long time and concrete finish that will look exquisite in years to come, despite adverse weather conditions.


We will carve every lateral structure and solid surface with perfection, no matter how complicated the task is, through our state-of-the-art tools and equipment. This assures that you get exactly what you paid for.

Curb Forms

Curb forms are wooden or metal structures into which wet concrete is poured to construct the required curb shape.

A "low slump" concrete is poured into the curb forms if curb forms are employed. After that, the concrete is consolidated and shaped, which can be done by machine or manually. Concrete may also need to be cured, depending on current temperatures, humidity levels, and weather, for the curb to be strong and durable.

Custom Additions

We create custom designs that will stand the test of time and remain new in the years to come. You have the option of selecting from our example or specifying your aesthetic preferences. The only constant is a high-quality end product, regardless of the option you choose.

We also frequently add new ideas to our repertoire that are inspired by modern structural trends and day-to-day life.

Get started with your construction project today! Get a free, genuine quote by calling (954) 833-0366.

Concrete Ramps

Assume you'll need a concrete ramp. You've assessed the distance to your ADA Compliant Entry and decided that you must install an ADA-compliant concrete ramp to comply with the ADA.

Concrete Ramps

The worst thing you can do is to try to persuade your contractor to work against the ADA at this time because the idea of creating an accessible concrete ramp is daunting.

Yes, constructing a ramp costs money. Everything does. However, if you have a concrete contractor who is as knowledgeable about the ADA and local building codes as Lauderdale Concrete is, you should take our advice seriously.

concrete wheelchair ramp ADA compliant installed in Fort Lauderdale FL

Wheelchair Ramps

Many people believe that if a structure is older than 1990, it is exempt from the ADA's federal restrictions. This isn't the case.

All building owners are required to remove all impediments to admission for people with disabilities. Your local building office is not ADA-compliant if the entry does not include wheelchair-accessible ramps.

There are some very strict rules to follow while installing a wheelchair ramp. It will not be enough to use any old ramp at any random angle and slope.

A concrete ramp's angle and slope must meet the highly stringent requirements (e.g., standard dimensions, crutch stop to prevent wheels from moving, specific configuration, horizontal length, vertical height, weight, form, the correct measure of space, etc.) of the ADA and the disabilities act.

Concrete Loading Ramps

The loading dock at your facility is an important piece of infrastructure. Operations will crawl if you don't have a way to transfer material and goods in and out of your building. By getting your facility's loading dock done correctly the first time, you can avoid downtime for maintenance and replacement.

Installing a concrete loading dock (a longer ramp) is a long-term investment that's difficult to undo once it's (literally) in place. So, choosing the right contractor is crucial.

At Lauderdale Concrete, we have high standards when it comes to the materials we employ that can endure heavy-weight equipment moving without destroying the ramp surface.

We'd be pleased to accept your call and provide you with the skilled assistance you require for your concrete loading dock project.

For a free concrete ramp installation quote, call (954) 833-0366 at your convenience.

Concrete stairs laid by Lauderdale Concrete
concrete staircase poured by Lauderdale Concrete in Fort Lauderdale FL

Concrete Stairs

If you are thinking about building concrete stairs that will hold up to wear and tear, Lauderdale Concrete is the contractor to turn to.

As an established concrete contractor in Fort Lauderdale, we are delighted to offer long-lasting concrete stairs for your residential or commercial property.

Building Concrete Stairs

When it comes to taking out and replacing your concrete step, our concrete stairs repair solution can save you a lot of money.

We utilize a cost-effective approach to improve the appearance and value of your property.

We also offer a same-day delivery service.

We will construct your concrete stairs right after you get your free quote. A day's work is required for the majority of the repair operations, from mixing and pouring concrete to leveling the steps.

When the construction project is finished, we transform sinking concrete steps into safe, stable concrete stairs that may be walked on immediately.

Creating Staircase Designs

The most appropriate designs for interior or outdoor concrete staircases should be built by competent professionals.

When coming up with unique architectural and structural concepts, Lauderdale Concrete has an endless supply of ideas.

We listen to your needs, take into account the existing area, and create the most original and robust designs for both interior and exterior concrete stairs.

As such, turn to Lauderdale Concrete for a stellar outcome of your concrete project at a reasonable cost.

Concrete Steps

Concrete step replacement is a time-consuming and complex process as it comes with many aspects.

While small concrete step repairs are quite simple, more substantial work will almost certainly necessitate the assistance of an experienced and qualified specialist.

With our staff of skilled, talented, and experienced contractors, we're dedicated to the upkeep of your home and guarantee our work.

We know what it takes to exceed your expectations, and we'll do so with our competitive pricing, cutting-edge tools and equipment, high-quality work, and dedication to upholding your standards.

For unique and lasting concrete stairs, choose Lauderdale Concrete. Fill out our inquiry form or call (954) 833-0366 to request a free quote.

Reliable Broward County Concrete Contractors

Designing and building concrete sidewalks, curbs, and ramps require the knowledge and expertise of our Fort Lauderdale concrete specialists.

We know the ins and outs of the industry, so you can trust that we will not only meet your needs but also our local building requirements.

If you are ready to start your concrete work today, feel free to speak to our licensed, insured, qualified engineer for your free estimate today! Call (954) 833-0366.

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