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Our Top Concrete Services in Fort Lauderdale FL

Concrete Driveways

Here at Lauderdale Concrete, we are Broward County's top concrete driveway company. With our concrete driveway installation experts on your team, you are guaranteed to get the quality concrete work that you deserve.

We have a wide range of concrete driveway solutions to suit your needs:

Stamped Concrete

A quality stamped concrete driveway is one of the most affordable and attractive ways to improve your property. We have a range of modern and traditional stamped concrete solutions to suit your driveway in Fort Lauderdale.

Stained Concrete

A stained concrete driveway is a great way to transform your home and add value. With stained concrete, we can create the look of brick, stone or wood for an affordable price. We offer stained concrete in both traditional and modern styles to suit your preferences. We also offer some amazing stained concrete refinishing options, to take your boring old driveway, and refinish it with an attractive stain.

Exposed Aggregate

An exposed aggregate concrete driveway is an aesthetically appealing concrete solution for homes. We can pour your new concrete driveway with a variety of aggregates to give you the look you want at an affordable price.

Concrete Pavers

If you want to take your concrete driveway to the next level, Lauderdale Concrete offers concrete pavers as a great option. With concrete driveways and paver solutions, we can make sure that your home stands out from the rest. We specialize in concrete pavers with grass in between. We also use artificial grass or turf for a maintenance-free experience. For driveway pavers in Fort Lauderdale, we have you covered!

Poured Concrete

A poured concrete driveway is the classic, gray-colored driveway that is so common in Broward County. Cost-effective, reliable, long-lasting. A correctly poured concrete driveway in Fort Lauderdale will give you years of service. We use only the highest-quality concrete mix and reinforcing, to ensure that your new concrete driveway will last for decades. Our concrete driveway pours are solid, ensuring long life and lasting durability.

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stamped concrete path in Fort Lauderdale home
concrete pavers installed on driveway in fort lauderdale. Pavers with turf in between
concrete driveway freshly poured and screeded

stamped concrete

concrete pavers

concrete restoration

Concrete Repair Fort Lauderdale

Concrete is quite possibly the most durable construction material in the world. However, like anything, it's not indestructible! When you need concrete repairs in Fort Lauderdale, you want a company that has the knowledge and skill to perform the repairs quickly and correctly.

Concrete repairs can be tricky and often require special techniques for proper application and strength. As a concrete restoration company in Fort Lauderdale, we use our expertise to work on all types of concrete – interior or exterior – so you don't have to worry about future deterioration.

If you need concrete crack repairs, we're the team.

Concrete driveway repairs? We've got you covered.

Concrete slab repairs? On it.

Slab concrete repair? No problem.

Concrete patio repair? We'll get it done... and in record time, too!

And the beat goes on! Whether you have a small concrete repair project or a massive concrete foundation repair project, our team at Lauderdale Concrete is up to the task. Call us today for any and all concrete repairs in Fort Lauderdale.    (954) 833-0366 

Concrete contractor performing a concrete repair in Fort Lauderdale FL
A set of wide concrete steps, crafted by an affordable concrete contractor, leads up to a white-paneled front door of the brick house. The steps have a smooth finish and are flanked by white railings on the left side. A shadow of a person taking the photo is visible in the foreground.

Concrete Resurfacing Fort Lauderdale

Resurfacing and concrete polishing are some of the best methods for transforming old concrete and essentially giving it a new, more modern look. We can resurface your garage floor, driveway, patio, path, or anything else you may have!

Concrete resurfacing is an excellent way of revitalizing your concrete and bringing it up to date - all while keeping it affordable.

Concrete Overlay

An overlay is what is laid over the prepared surface. Overlay and resurfacing are used interchangeably in the industry, and usually mean the same thing!

Whether you call it resurfacing or overlaying, we can help you out! Call our experienced team today, and we'll get you sorted out with a free, no-obligation estimate.   (954) 833-0366

Concrete Restoration Fort Lauderdale

Concrete restoration is the next step up from concrete repairs! With aging buildings everywhere in South Florida, concrete building restoration has become an integral part of keeping South Florida safe and looking good.

Concrete is a very durable product. If your existing concrete foundation, wall, or pavement is looking a little old and outdated, or is damaged, concrete restoration is a great method of bringing new life, leveraging what you already have, without breaking the bank!

Below are some examples of the concrete restoration solutions we offer:

Slab Lifting and Leveling

If your foundation or patio slab is lifting or has dropped, we can help you out. Our expert concrete restorers in Fort Lauderdale will come out and lift your foundation, patio slab, or driveway to its intended level.

Walkway Lifting and Leveling

If you have a walkway in your home that has lifted due to tree root upheaval, or sunk due to incorrect base installation, we can help. We can lower or raise your concrete pathway, and have it looking like it was freshly poured in no time.

Concrete pillar showing concrete spalling with rebar rusting

Expansion Joint Repair

If the expansion joints on your commercial property are damaged or old, you might have to replace them. The expansion joints reduce the stress on the concrete by allowing movement to take place. They help control cracking and damage that would occur without them. If your expansion joints were installed incorrectly, or simply very old, they may be letting water into your structure or foundation. Don't delay, give us a call as soon as you notice - we can save you thousands with a simple repair.

Rebar Spalling Repair

Reinforced concrete with steel reinforcement such as rebar is susceptible to spalling. Spalling is when the surface of the concrete cracks and corrodes, allowing moisture in which rusts the reinforcing bar causing it to spall off.

Concrete 'blooms' or becomes brittle and starts cracking apart. If you notice pieces missing or exposed rebar, you most probably have cement spalling. Keep your structure sound and secure by calling our concrete contractors in Fort Lauderdale today.   (954) 833-0366

A freshly installed stone patio with a wooden plank-like texture crafted by an affordable concrete contractor in Broward County. The area around it is under construction with gravel, tarps, tools, and wood planks visible. The patio surface has a smooth, greyish-brown finish.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is one of our specialties! also known as embossed concrete, we have a wide range of stamps available - we can do stamped concrete that looks like pavers, stone stamps, brick stamps, slate stamped concrete, even wood look stamped cement.

We have done stamped concrete driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, and so much more. It's no wonder why it is becoming one of the most popular methods used in South Florida when it comes to adding value and style to your home.

Call the pros today for your free quote:   (954) 833-0366

Concrete Patios Fort Lauderdale

A new patio is a great way to update the look of your home. The right patio can transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis that you can enjoy year-round.

If you are looking to install a new concrete patio in your backyard, call the team at Lauderdale Concrete. We have been providing customers with high-quality concrete patios for over 20 years, and we would love to help you create a new outdoor space that will be enjoyed by your family for generations.

Call Broward County's top patio contractors today for your free quote.

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Stamped concrete patio laid next to a pool in Fort Lauderdale FL
Pool deck freshly installed by a pool deck company in Fort Lauderdale

Pool Deck Resurfacing, Installation & Repair

A high-quality pool deck totally transforms the look and feel of your home.

Our pool deck resurfacing service in Fort Lauderdale is second to none. We have transformed old, outdated kool decks, and resurfaced them with a modern stamped concrete overlay. The cost of pool deck resurfacing versus having the entire deck replaced makes it a very affordable option. Pool deck repair is also an option!

We also do pool deck installation for brand new pools!

A pool deck is a perfect place to relax by your pool on a hot summer day, so it is important that you choose a pool deck contractor in Fort Lauderdale that truly understands what pool owners are looking for. We combine innovative designs with stylish colors and finishes, so you will have an attractive pool deck that lasts for years to come.

Call the pool deck pros you can trust on  (954) 833-0366

Concrete Staining

We offer outdoor and indoor concrete staining. Our outdoor cement staining includes acid stain and decorative concrete staining, using state-of-the-art equipment and expertise that we've developed over many years.

Cement staining can be an excellent way to rejuvenate old patios or floors that need a new, more up-to-date look.

Call our expert team today, who can give you advice on what the right method might be for you. We also do free quotes on all staining!

Give us a call today.    (954) 833-0366

A patio with a reddish-brown stamped concrete surface, bordered by a darker, slightly curved edge. Adjacent to the patio, there are landscaped bushes and small plants, with the corner of a red-brick building visible in the background—an exceptional job by an affordable concrete contractor from Broward County.
Large concrete retaining wall being installed by a contractor in Broward County, FL

Concrete Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an investment. If done right, it can last decades. You also wouldn't have to do constant repairs or spending money on maintenance every now and then. That's why getting the best concrete contractors is even more important than choosing the right materials for your project.

Retaining walls aren't always as straightforward as they might seem. Having an experienced retaining wall contractor on your side will be the difference between a wall that lasts 5 years, and a wall that lasts 50. We do all types of retaining walls, from cement block retaining walls, to poured retaining walls, to precast retaining walls, to interlocking block walls.

Give one of our friendly team a call today. We can advise you on the best type of retaining wall for your next project - and even offer a free quote! Call today. (954) 833-0366

Concrete Slabs

Concrete poured for various kinds of construction projects is durable, versatile, and long-lasting. It has been used for sidewalks, roads, bridges, parking lots, and driveways for many decades in Fort Lauderdale. When you are selecting a concrete contractor to pour your new slab in Fort Lauderdale, it is important to take the time to do your homework to make sure you get the best workmanship and materials.

Concrete poured for a garage floor foundation, driveway, or patio is poured in forms that are removed after the concrete has fully hardened.

Whatever your project, if you need a top-quality cement slab with any type of finish, we're the team for the job. Call the best concrete slab company in Fort Lauderdale today. We'll hook you up with no obligation, 100% free quote.

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A close-up view of a construction site in Broward County shows a recently poured and smooth concrete foundation. The concrete, ideal for driveways, is laid over a base of cinder blocks, reinforced with wooden planks on the sides. The ground around the site is a mix of dirt and grass.
Concrete foundations poured for a house on raised foundations. Picture taken in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Concrete Foundation Contractors

We know Florida soils. With a high water table and lots of rainfall, pouring concrete footings in Broward County can be a challenge. Having an experienced foundation company in the ring with you will help negate any issues you might have, and make sure you have a solid foundation for years to come.

We have extensive experience in foundation repair in Fort Lauderdale and Recognize the challenges caused by the many soil types in South Florida. Our trained experts work with you to make the repair or installation process as easy and stress-free as possible, with many years of commercial and residential experience.

Foundation walls, slab foundations, concrete footings - whatever you may need for your next project, we're the team for the job. Your Fort Lauderdale foundation repair experts are only a phone call away! (954) 833-0366

Commercial Concrete Contractors

Our commercial concrete team are experienced and professional. If you have a large-scale concrete job that requires tight management and a wealth of experience, consider Lauderdale Concrete.

We experts in foundations, commercial buildings, industrial complexes, parking lots, garages, underwater pilings and piers, and even large-scale structural beams. We can do sea wall restoration and new sea wall construction.

Whatever youcommercial concrete needs, get in touch with us. We can offer a free, no obligation consultation.

(954) 833-0366

A close-up view of a construction site in Broward County shows a recently poured and smooth concrete foundation. The concrete, ideal for driveways, is laid over a base of cinder blocks, reinforced with wooden planks on the sides. The ground around the site is a mix of dirt and grass.

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