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At Lauderdale Concrete, we've worked with commercial and industrial concrete in a wide range of project and applications.

Foundations, commercial buildings, industrial complexes, parking lots, garages, underwater pilings and piers, and even large-scale structural beams.

Our mission is to retain a superb reputation as the best commercial concrete contractor in Florida in and around Fort Lauderdale.

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Quality Commercial Concrete Company in Fort Lauderdale

Commercial Concrete Construction

Lauderdale Concrete provides bespoke concrete solutions for all sorts and sizes of projects to both major and small commercial contractors. Government buildings, office buildings, retail space, warehouses, educational institutions, restaurants, towns, residential buildings, healthcare facilities, parking structures, and sports facilities are just some of the projects we've worked on.

We are experts in all elements of a vertical and horizontal concrete building. Years of experience and close collaboration with commercial contractors and engineers have given us an unrivaled level of knowledge.

Any concrete construction project, big or small, is no problem for us. We are dedicated to providing excellent concrete construction and customer service and strive to exceed your expectations.

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commercial concrete contractor in fort lauderdale setting up a foundation with rebar in preparation for concrete pouring
A close-up of a deteriorating concrete structure shows exposed, rusted rebar. The weathered and cracked surface is missing pieces, revealing corroded metal reinforcement bars underneath. A blurred tree is visible in the background, hinting at the need for commercial concrete services to restore integrity.

Commercial Concrete Restoration

If you're looking for a commercial concrete restoration firm in Fort Lauderdale or the surrounding area, you don't have to look on the internet for commercial concrete contractors near me. Lauderdale Concrete is will take care of your restoration project! Whether you're dealing with water, fire, or mold damage, our professionals are ready to help you right away and get your industrial property back to normal as soon as possible.

From the first discussion to the last, our staff has one aim in mind: to provide you with the greatest possible customer experience while restoring your property to its original condition with minimal harm. We are equipped and licensed to handle a variety of concrete construction projects after property disasters, including fire, water, mold, and leaks.

When you need your offices and industrial sites restored after any form of damage, you can trust Lauderdale Concrete to deliver durability and efficiency! Get in touch with us at (954) 833-0366 for a free estimate!

Commercial Concrete Flooring

It might be difficult to find a qualified polished concrete flooring contractor for your project, and it can take up a lot of your time. Lauderdale Concrete is a team of concrete flooring experts who believe in providing high-quality concrete products, on schedule and on budget.

We have a spectacular array of exquisite concrete floors to pick from, including tough Epoxy Floor Coatings, radiant Polished Concrete, as-new Concrete Resurfacing, and superbly placed ornamental stains, all of which make for a stunning floor.

Epoxy, polished, and stained stamped concrete floors are our specialties, with a proven track record in commercial concrete flooring applications in the local area.

Schedule Lauderdale Concrete to review your project and pricing options. We will exceed your expectations in terms of budget and timeliness, as well as in terms of service and craftsmanship quality. With confidence, we make this commitment.

Call (954) 833-0366 to request a free quote! Our team will discuss with you out concrete construction process.

commercial concrete floor being poured by concrete contractors in fort lauderdale

Concrete Parking Lots

Do you need a parking lot installed or repaired? Allow us to provide you with a free quote for your parking lot project. We recognize that parking lots aren't the most exciting thing to spend your hard-earned money on, but if done correctly by a qualified concrete contractor Lauderdale Concrete, they will be a low-maintenance asset that will last for many years.

If your current parking lot has reached the end of its useful life, we can remove it and replace it with a new one. We've done hundreds of parking spaces in Fort Lauderdale, and we've got the right materials and equipment and use appropriate methods to make sure you receive the ideal parking lot in Fort Lauderdale for our particular climate.

Concrete parking lots are more expensive than the asphalt alternatives, but they last a lot longer, and require less maintenance. Over the useable life of a concrete parking lot, it is a more cost effective option with maintenance costs factored in. Plus, they look a whole lot nicer!

If you are ready to receive your free commercial concrete services quote, contact (954) 833-0366!

commercial concrete reinforcing on a job site in fort lauderdale fl

Commercial Concrete Foundations

At Lauderdale Concrete, we take great efforts to use a great solution for each work we do. Whether we're correcting a settling foundation, reversing the bow on a basement wall, repairing concrete structures, or replacing broken concrete slabs, you can count on the knowledge and expert work of our commercial foundation contractors.

We are aware of the difficulties that come with repairing industrial facilities in Fort Lauderdale. So, we make sure that each member of our concrete construction services team has far exceeded industry standards in terms of competence and qualification. This enables us to solve even the most complex challenges with cutting-edge technologies and heavy equipment.

Contact your local concrete contractor to learn more about our commercial concrete construction company and why many customers choose to work with us. We offer free estimates and consulting. (954) 833-0366

Commercial Concrete Floor Polishing

Lauderdale Concrete can help with commercial concrete floor polishing in Fort Lauderdale, whether it's for a huge lobby or corridor or something smaller.

Many people prefer polished concrete flooring because they are durable and look fantastic when a professional floor cleaning business gives them a touch-up finish.

The majority of polished concrete flooring systems are located in high-traffic locations where a durable floor is required. Hospitals, warehouses, schools, and other locations with polished concrete are some of the most common, and our expertise can clean and polish them all.

Regularly polishing a new floor can even help protect it over time, ensuring that it looks wonderful and can stand the test of time.

For your no-obligation industrial concrete floor polishing quote, call (954) 833-0366.

A floor buffer machine is in use on a cement floor during a large-scale concrete job. The circular scrubbing pad is rotating, and the machine's cord is visible. The floor appears to have recently been polished, showing wet and dry patches.

The Best Commercial Concrete Company in Fort Lauderdale

With our knowledge and experience, we take great delight in taking on unusual and demanding concrete construction project of all sizes and scopes, from traditional concrete construction to entirely bespoke solutions. No matter if you need us for small or large commercial concrete projects, Lauderdale Concrete provides a limitless amount of service to companies and businesses. 

Give (954) 833-0366 a call, and our commercial concrete contractor will offer you a free, genuine quote!

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